Engagement Session With Ministry Of Transport

Zero Emission Vehicle Association (ZEVA)
Engagement Session With Ministry Of Transport 
12 June 2023, Ministry of Transport Malaysia, Putrajaya.

ZEVA was called for an engagement session with Ministry of Transport, Bahagian Darat to give opinion on the vehicle plate number EV. 

ZEVA believes that having a different license plate for EV is important not only for safety but as well as giving the sense of pride for those who commit to lower emission transportation. This will definitely increase the interest of the mass to adopt EV. 

Seen here is Mr Kamal Hisham Abu Bakar chairing the session where ZEVA was represented by the VIce President, Mr Mohd Haikal Zubir, Executive Secretary Ms Aisha Daniyal, EXCO Yong Sien Wae and member Chin Li Gwee.