Engagement with Distribution Network TNB

Activities on 12th June 2022 (PEKEMA) #2

On 12th June 2022, one of the members of ZEVA i.e. PEKEMA (Persatuan Pengimport dan Penjual Kenderaan Melayu) met with the stakeholder Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Distribution Network Division to understand better the process of new supply application. This is to assist PEKEMA in meeting its 1,000 target of Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) deployment in the country.

Distribution Network Division was led by Tuan Haji Hamdan Ali and PEKEMA was led by YM Raja Petra Raja Marudin.

The meeting ended with PEKEMA agreed to provide ahead then deployment plan in the future so that TNB can better prepare the supply installation.

ZEVA welcomes all members to share their charging infrastructure deployment plan so that the relevant stakeholders can better prepare their support around the plan.