Meeting with Ministry of Finance on EV

Submission of Proposal to Budget 2023 Team, Ministry of Finance.

15 August 2022

Operation Room, Level 10, No 5 Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya.

In November 2021, government via Ministry of Finance has announced a few incentives for the buyers of EV as well as the EV manufacturers. The numbers of EV on the road has increased to 1,400-level since the announcements, compared to 400-level in Dec 2021. This shows that government policies will spur the adoption of EV and ZEVA will continuously work alongside the government to provide feedback and research data for their policy making initiatives. 

Therefore, on 2 August 2022, ZEVA has gathered all members to formalize the association’s view on the immediate policies required to be in place so that the EV adoption shall strengthen. These views were submitted to Mr Ezleezan bin Othman, Deputy Team Leader of Budget 2023 team, Ministry of Finance. A set of proposal covering all angles of EV supply chain was drafted in this workshop with a special focus of incentives crafted for the Charging Point Operators (CPOs). Among other points of the supply chain discussed are bus operator, company fleet, taxi and car sharing, EV manufacturers and dealers, EV buyers, financial institution, school and universities bus and public parking or space land owner. 

ZEVA would like to thank our Regulatory Engagement committee for working tirelessly for an excellent proposal submission.