Q3 2023 Updates – Zero Emission Vehicle Association (ZEVA) 11 July 2023, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The members gathered again this quarter. There are introduction of new members. We also took the opportunity to hear from all members on what are the wishes for government incentives to be announced in Budget 2024.

We reminisced that we started with 9 members in September 2021 and now we registered a total of 36 members consist of 23 Ordinary Members and 13 Associate Members. We also listed all the activities carried out from January to Jun 2023.

During this Q3 2023 update meeting as well, TNB declared the substitution of their official representative to the association, from Ir. Mohd Junaizee Mohd Noor to Wan Ahmad Zam Zam Wan Abd Wahab. With that, the presidency of ZEVA is also amended from Mohd Junaizee to Wan Ahmad Zam Zam.

ZEVA thanked Mohd Junaizee for all the work that he has done. He in return wished ZEVA all the best and hoped that the new president will take ZEVA to another level.