Zero Emission Vehicle Association (ZEVA Annual General Meeting 2022)

Zero Emission Vehicle Association (ZEVAAnnual General Meeting 2022

The idea of ZEVA was mooted by TNB in 2021 as part of its Net-Zero aspiration.  By talking to others in the industry, the EV owners club, the leading car importers and car manufacturers and charging point operator and its supply chain, slowly ZEVA has taken its shape. Together, ZEVA is hoped to from a strong and united voice in order to advocate for Battery EV proliferation in the country. The association started with 9 members in September 2021 and was successfully registered 1 Dec 2021. As of 24 March 2022, the association registered a total of 18 Ordinary Members and 2 Associate Members.  

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) began with the election of 15 Executive Committee (EXCO) members that was done via an electronic form by the ordinary members. Subsequent to that, the EXCO then elected the President, Vice President and Honorary Treasurer together with an appointment of Internal and External Auditor. 

The AGM was then continued with the calling for volunteers from the members’ organization for three subcommittee focusing on :

1. Regulatory Engagement Subcommittee, 

2. Research Subcommittee;  and 

3. Public Engagement Subcommittee.

Next, the AGM took all proposal raised by its members and deliberated the answers. The meeting is adjourned at 1100.